Lessons to Thrive By

Download short, relevant insights and mental models from Good Profit that you can start applying right now.

Five Dimensions of MBM®

A coherent management approach comprised of five dimensions (Vision, Virtue & Talents, Knowledge Processes, Decision Rights, Incentives) that are mutually reinforcing.

Download the Five Dimensions

MBM® Guiding Principles

Values and beliefs that define the culture of the organization. They guide every employee’s actions and decisions.

Download the Guiding Principles

Self-Transformation Reminders

Five quick and easy reminders to keep you on a path to self-transformation when creating or contributing to virtuous cycles of mutual benefit, whether in business or in life.

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RR&E Development Worksheet

Many organizations use standard descriptions to codify tasks. Koch uses roles, responsibilities and expectations (RR&Es) to uncover each individual employee’s comparative advantages and value creation opportunities.

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Good Profit Discussion Starters

Use these seven questions, based on Good Profit key concepts, to challenge and examine existing mental models and generate productive discussion within your working team.

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5-Day Mental Model Challenge

Take one topic a day for a week and examine how these key concepts from Good Profit can help you get in shape with your business role and your working team. 

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