Harnessing the Light

Illustration of Billy Sorenson

Billy Sorenson

Founder, Lightfield Energy

Favorite quote from Good Profit

“For experimental discovery to work, we have to not only design experiments properly but also recognize when we are experimenting so we can limit the bet accordingly.” Good Profit, page 51

Billy Sorenson has strong opinions about Good Profit, having read it repeatedly and applied the lessons from it in his own business as a leading national solar developer, installer and partner that has completed more than 500 solar installation projects.

“This book gives you both the bark and the bite on how to structurally think about where you are going as business leader. It is not full of platitudes and fluff,” said Billy. “Charles shares his principles and values in a way that a person can start implementing them instantly.”

Among the many ideas he has applied from the book, the concept of mutual benefit and the costs/price/value (CPV) triangle has led to repeat business and long-term customers. 

“When we are negotiating a project, it is extremely important to be able to come up with a product or solution that makes sense for each party. The CPV triangle forces both the buyer and seller to understand at what price the transaction has the potential to take place,” said Billy. “This understanding has helped us develop long-term relationships with customers. Since the deals were a win-win, it gave us the opportunity to have a repeat customer.”

Billy’s take on the value of Good Profit as a book for business leaders is simple: “There are too many gurus out there talking about how to build x, y or z. This is the only book a business leader should be referencing.”

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